Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

University Housing

The goal of University Housing is to provide a positive living-learning environment for all on-campus students. There are seven residence halls available in addition to The Village Apartments at West Campus. Rooms are assigned using a priority system based on date of application and payment of a deposit/room reservation fee. University Housing recommends that students submit their application prior to March 15 to ensure that mutual roommate requests will be honored. Incoming students may apply for housing once they have confirmed their admission with Georgia College. A meal plan is available, though not required for upperclassmen.

When accepting a room assignment, the student agrees to abide by the rules and regulations established by the University, including carrying at least seven academic hours each semester. Exceptions to the seven-hour minimum requirement may be granted through University Housing. Each residence hall is staffed by a Community Director and all residence halls have at least one student on each floor serving as a Community Advisor (CA). The CAs represent University Housing, provide assistance to the residents and strive to build community in the building.