Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Learning Center and Tutoring Services

The Learning Center offers tutorial assistance to GC students enrolled in core curriculum subjects, particularly Math, Science and Economics.

The mission of the Learning Center is to provide academic support for the core curriculum courses particularly in the areas of mathematics, science and economics. Learning Center services are accessible to any GC enrolled student free of charge. The Learning Center aims to strengthen academic skills, improve academic confidence, and enable the student to achieve academic success. Through a variety of academic support options, resource materials, and an inviting atmosphere, the Learning Center encourages active learning and promotes the timely and successful progression toward graduation.

As a member of CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association), the Learning Center is well staffed with highly qualified University students who provide academic mentoring. Peer tutors are chosen not only on their ability to comprehend the material, but also on their ability to communicate the material to fellow students. Qualified tutors possess at least a 3.5 overall GPA and a 4.0 in their area of expertise.

Contact The Learning Center to learn more about our tutorial services, tutoring schedules or about becoming a peer tutor. The Learning Center is located on the second floor of the Library and Instructional Technology Center (LITC).