Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Division of Information Technology

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

The Division of Information Technology maintains the cyber-infrastructure necessary for the University to fulfill its mission of teaching, research and service.  By providing and managing campus networks—both wired and wireless—as well as Internet connectivity and technology infrastructure, DoIT provides the resources that Georgia College’s faculty, staff and students rely on to do their work.  Applications, servers, electronic file storage, teaching technologies, extensive wired and wireless networking and Internet access are available throughout campus for the benefit of the University community.  High speed connectivity to the Internet and access to broadband research networks are possible through DoIT’s agreement with PeachNet, the statewide education network.  This network access is provided in all academic buildings and all residence halls have wired and wireless access capability. 

In addition to information technology and computer services, DoIT has designed and manages the campus’s administrative computing infrastructure.   Advanced and energy efficient technologies, including virtual server technologies, are used extensively; in addition, DoIT maintains a state-of-the-art Storage Area Network that provides high speed, secure and reliable digital storage for the University community.  A large part of DoIT’s own mission is its commitment to clients.  The Technology Support Services area of DoIT provides user support for anyone on campus struggling with campus technologies by answering questions about both hardware and software.  In addition to this targeted support, there are traditional and computer-based technology training resources.   Training topics include various software packages and, most importantly, computer security and appropriate use of digital resources.   DoIT’s Serve helpdesk is available Monday through Friday.   All requests for assistance are made through the SERVE Help Desk by dialing (478) 445-SERVE (7378) or via e-mail at serve@gcsu.edu.

Academic Computing Resources

Georgia College recognizes the importance of and promotes computer literacy among students, faculty and staff.  Although no specific computer courses are required, Georgia College students have many opportunities to gain computer proficiency.  Many departments expect students to use computer software in specific courses.  To improve computer literacy and proficiency among the entire University community, DoIT offers free training to students, faculty and staff including online software training at Lynda.com accessed through Unify, GC’s identity management system.  Helpful information concerning appropriate use of digital resources including copyright issues related to peer-to-peer file sharing is available on the DoIT Website at http://www.gcsu.edu/technology/downloads.htm

Technology access is essential in today’s social and learning environments.   Most classroom buildings house one or more computer facilities that are available during normal business hours.  In addition, the Library & Instructional Technology Center (ITC) is open daily as well as during the evening hours and on weekends and computer labs in many residence halls are available to their residents at any time.  Computing facilities, resources and support are also provided at Georgia College’s Macon and Warner-Robins facilities.  DoIT promotes computer proficiency at Georgia College by providing the entire University community with a choice of hardware, operating systems and applications in classrooms, computer labs, offices and living quarters.  PCs can be found across campus; labs with Macintosh computers are located in the Library and many academic buildings.  Workstations (both PCs and Macs) in computer labs run either Windows or Macintosh operating systems and provide a variety of software including the Microsoft Office suite of applications, discipline-specific software and a choice of Internet browsers.  Specialized labs throughout campus support various disciplines including computer science, digital media creation and geographic information systems.  Most classrooms have network connections, computer teaching stations, digital projectors and various other teaching technologies.  GeorgiaVIEW, GC’s learning management system, provides fully online, hybrid and traditional classroom courses. 

Once a person becomes part of the Georgia College community—whether as an employee or a student— DoIT’s support begins.  All permanent faculty members have their choice of a Windows or Macintosh computer—either desktop or laptop—with access to the campus network.  Faculty are provided an email account and can access Web hosting, network file storage and course Web sites via GeorgiaVIEW.  Further, faculty and staff are free to attend computer training and to use DoIT’s Serve helpdesk as needed.  Student accounts are created upon admission and, once established, they can access e-mail, class registration, course schedules, grades and more through Unify and PAWS Websites at http://unify.gcsu.edu  or http://paws.gcsu.edu respectively.  Student email is provided though the Google-hosted BobCat Mail system and students have access to Google® drive file storage along with Google Apps® and Google+® services.  Students can access the campus network from any computer lab or their residence hall room.  DoIT is committed to supporting Georgia College’s mission of teaching, research and service by providing a current, reliable, secure and easily accessible computer infrastructure and resources.  As the University grows in size, student population and reach, DoIT intends to keep pace by increasing the resources necessary to ensure GC’s continued success.