Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success is committed to helping students successfully transition to Georgia College. The Center focuses much of its attention on first-year and second-year academic advisement. We offer assistance that is intended to provide all students quality advisement through the core curriculum and academic tutoring services to assist students in making sound choices about majors and career directions.

The vast majority* of all first-year and second-year students will be advised by professional advisors in the Advising Center in Lanier Hall. Our professional advisors also teach or support many of the freshman “First Year Academic Seminars” which increases the amount of contact between advisor and student.

Incoming transfer students will also begin with a professional advisor in the Center for Student Success. Students will be served in the Advising Center up to the accumulation of approximately 45 credit hours. Once the student is approaching 45 earned credits, he or she will then be connected to a faculty member in the academic department of the major. The faculty advisor will then help the student navigate the upper division degree requirements as the student continues in the junior and senior years, progressing toward degree completion and graduation.

*Due to unique aspects of our Music, Music Therapy and Outdoor Education programs, new students in those majors will be advised by faculty members in those departments. If an incoming student is not informed regarding his/her advisor assignment, he or she should contact the Advising Center in Lanier Hall.

Courses with the GCSU prefix include:

GCSU 0001 - First Year Academic Seminar for General Studies – Undecided students

GCSU 1010 - Student Success

GCSU 1015 - Strategies for Learning

GCSU 1020 - Student Leadership

GCSU 1030 - Career Development

The Center for Student Success is located in Lanier Hall and can be reached at (478) 445-2361.