Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Academic Outreach

Since 1968, Academic Outreach has provided free positive educational experiences for Pre-K through 12th grade students and adults in Baldwin and surrounding counties primarily through the participation of talented, civic-minded GC students who serve as members of the Community Action Team for Service (CATS). The department's mission is to promote a passion for learning while having fun and increasing students' awareness of their surroundings. Because AO is funded through a generous endowment for science education from the Kaolin Industries of Georgia, many of its programs are science or environmental based, but they also range in programming from history and team building to art and music.

Members of CATS provide hands-on activities and non-traditional delivery systems at schools, environmental centers, and GC; serve as facilitators for science-based field trips; lead educational presentations in local schools; and assist with area afterschool programs. All GC students are eligible to participate in CATS. For more information about Academic Outreach, contact Ruth Eilers at ruth.eilers@gcsu.edu or 445-0810 or visit www.gcsu.edu/academicoutreach.