Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019


This Georgia College Undergraduate Catalog is prepared primarily for students, faculty, administrators, and advisors, as well as the general public. It is used as the basic resource document for advisement once a student has been admitted to Georgia College. In the academic community, of which Georgia College is part, “the catalog” is regarded as the primary authoritative source of information on all college policies, procedures and requirements, and any advice provided by college officials or employees or information in other publications to the contrary is null and void.

In the academic community, statements contained in the catalog are provided by the institution from official source.  Both the student and the institution should be able to rely on them as the ultimate source of accurate information about college policies, procedures and requirements until the next printing of the catalog, which normally occurs every fall.  Therefore, every effort has been made in the preparation of this catalog to ensure accuracy of information.  However, this catalog should not be regarded as a binding contract between the student and this institution because Georgia College reserves the right to change any provisions listed in this catalog, including but not limited to, admission requirements and academic requirements for graduation, without notice to individual students. However, an effort will be made to generally advise students and the public of such changes before they take effect. The student is hereby informed and given due legal notice that all of these decisions are within the prerogative of the college, as previously determined by the courts, and are not subject to disciplinary-type due process requirements or strict application of contract law.

When the student accepts admission into the college, he/she is agreeing to abide by and be governed by the policies, procedures, requirements contained in this catalog.  Students are responsible for keeping themselves apprised for requirements for the university and the degree programs in which they are enrolled.