Graduate Catalog 2014-2015

Mandatory Health Insurance

The University System of Georgia requires certain groups of students to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment.  We call this "Mandatory Enrollment".  If you fall into one of the mandatory enrollment categories listed below, and you are not covered by an insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans, or employer-sponsored plans) that meets the minimum standards of insurance as set by the Board of Regents, you must enroll in the USG-SHIP plan.  Your registration will be automatic and the charge will be applied to your student bill.

  • All graduate students receiving a Full Tuition Waiver as part of their graduate assistantship award
  • All undergraduate, graduate, and ESL international students holding F or J visas
  • All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs that require proof of health insurance
  • All graduate students receiving fellowhips that fully fund their tuition
  • International Scholars